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The Importance of a Quality Provider of Wood Flooring Materials

Preferences in floors range from a love of all things carpet to the exclusive use of hardwood flooring to a mish mash of carpet, tile and wood flooring materials. In fact the average home may have at least two if not more types of flooring that is used in its many rooms. However, when it comes to practical flooring options, with the possible exception of bathrooms and perhaps a busy mudroom, many people prefer wood flooring. Whether a person is building a new home or remodeling their existing home, removing the old flooring and replacing it with hardwood materials has become quite popular, and it’s a big reason why a person should consider the services of GC Flooring Pros.

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First of all, when it comes to wood Flooring, it’s good to have an excellent resource for a wide range of options. The fact is that there are many different types of materials to choose from. A person will have the option of solid hardwood floors or they can choose budget friendly engineered hardwood materials.

On top of that, there are options for different types of wood from standard maple, oak and pine to more exotic wood materials like acacia, tigerwood, African mahogany or fossilized bamboo. In addition, these woods come in a wide variety of looks from unfinished to pre-stained options ranging from extremely light to ebony stains all in various plank lengths and widths. Having a resource where all these flooring options are available is paramount.

However, another reason for working with GC Flooring Pros is the quality of installation. The thing is, installing solid hardwood, and engineered wood is a bit more difficult than other types of material. Even the lesser amounts of real wood materials in engineered wood can react to swings in humidity. Whether it’s solid wood or engineered wood, this wood can expand and retract. That means when installing this material, moisture barriers will need to be properly installed before the floor is put down.

In addition, there should be a small gap along the walls of the room where the floor meets the wall. This will give room for the wood to expand. If there is no gap and the wood is installed snugly against the wall, when the wood expands it could result in warped or bowing planks. In more extreme situations, the wood planks can potentially split.

From a standpoint of flooring options and professional installations, GC Flooring Pros is the way to go. That’s why, if you’re looking for a new floor for your newly constructed or newly remodeled home, a quality resource can make life a lot easier for you. This resource can make sure that the money you spend on a quality flooring material is money well spent.

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